Learn about warranties at Ohio Motorcars

Most vehicles that Ohio Motorcars sells are late models and do come with the remainder of manufacturing warranty

Warranty may be limited to certain parts and functions of the vehicle. The warranty start date listed according to CarFax. Buyer must confirm with manufacturer.

Ohio Motorcars offers extended warranty plans on all the vehicles

This warranty plan provides you the maximum mechanical system coverage up to 48 months. This plan also includes unlimited mileage protection and good anywhere in the United States

Protection Plan Prices:





Whats covered:

ENGINE - Cylinder block, cylinder heads, and all internal parts. Manifolds, valve train and covers, and flywheel. Camshaft and timing drive components. Oil pump and oil pan. Cylinder head and intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks only.

TRANSMISSION - Case and all internal parts. Torque Converter and converter housing.

DIFFERENTIAL - Front or rear differential housing and all internal parts. Drive shaft, universal joints, and front axle joints. Transfer case on four wheel drive vehicles and all internal parts.

COOLING SYSTEM - Fan and fan clutch. Electric radiator fan motor, water pump.

STEERING - Steering gear, rack and pinion assembly, and all internal parts. Power steering cooler and lines.

SUSPENSION - Springs, control arms, and ball joints.

BRAKES - All brake components, including all components of the anti-lock brake system, except linings, pads, rotors, and drums.

ELECTRICAL - Alternator, voltage regulator, windshield wiper motor, starter motor, power window motors, power seat motors, and power door lock actuators.

RENTAL CAR - Twenty five dollars per eight hours of authorized flat rate time to repair or replace a covered component with a maximum of two hundred and fifty dollars.

TOWING - If your vehicle must be towed because a covered component has failed, towing to the nearest qualified repair center is covered up to a maximum of fifty dollars.

LABOR - Labor charges are based on industry accepted flat rates, to repair or replace a covered component.

Ohio Motorcars only work with reputable warranty companies that have been in business for years and have excellent track record. They provide great service and you will be provided with a formal contract explaining all the terms and conditions, and the warranty company, not Ohio Motorcars, is solely responsible for all the warranty obligations. Some specialty vehicles will require a surcharge, please call for more details.